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Repairs, Setups and Modifications

Getting your guitar repairs done right the very first time at the best possible cost is our number one concern. We know that a guitar that plays great will bring out the best musician inside you. Have you ever held a guitar and really connected with it? I mean really connected with it? Did it make you feel great to play a chord or a lead line? If you did it's probably because it was set up properly. That is our goal! Reconnect with that magic that made you fall in love with your guitar, reconnect with your passion. 

Guitar set up is something we take very seriously. From a simple setup to a full blown restoration trust the experience and expertise of Blues Legend Guitars. The finest in guitar repair in Syracuse and Central New York.

Syracuse, New York- based Blues Legend Guitars is a  small shop focused on custom repairs and builds. All services are provided by Lee Martin, Luthier, and working musician who understands how much your instrument means to you. 

Lee has been working as a professional musician for over 30 years. A craftsman and musician, the two skills came together when Lee began building guitars. As his skills developed as a Luthier, he began designing and building solid body guitars. Lee has studied with Galloup school of Luthiery in Big Rapids, Michigan and continues to improve his techniques and skills. Every guitar is individually repaired to your specifications with care and attention. Each guitar that is crafted in the shop is built with the best parts and materials available. Contact us so we can get you on the repair schedule or start designing and building your dream guitar.